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RideSafer Tether Straps

RideSafer Tether Straps

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All RideSafer vests come with a tether strap.

When the RideSafer is being used with a lap-only belt, you are required to use a tether strap to restrain the upper portion of the child. Some parents choose to use the tether strap with the lap-shoulder belt for additional upper body support and restraint, especially helpful for younger, wiggly or special needs children.

  • Use a Single Tether (44" long) with the RideSafer, a lap-only seat belt and children 30-60lbs.
  • Use a Dual Tether (84" long) with the RideSafer, a lap-only seat belt and children 60-110lbs. Vehicle tether anchor points are only rated by the car manufacturer to 65 lbs. so for children who are between 65-80 lbs and using a lap only belt, we are required to split their weight between two tether anchor points or with two EATA Loops (sold separately).
  • View how to use the RideSafer tether.

When using the tether and a lap-shoulder seat belt, because the seat belt is doing the vast majority of the upper body restraining and not the tether, they can use the single tether all the way up to the 110 pounds. The dual tether is only required when the vest is doing all the restraining in a lap-only seat belt situation.

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