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RideSafer Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor Loop

RideSafer Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor Loop

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For use with the tether strap and RideSafer®. The RideSafer Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor (EATA) Loop is a crash tested accessory that creates a tether anchor point in situations where one is not provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

  • It is currently only authorized by the manufacturer for use in Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) class 4 vehicles (school busses), class 5 vehicles (2 axles-6 wheel (dual tires)) and larger vehicles.
    • Some consumers, facing unusual circumstances, have chosen to use the EATA Loop in other smaller vehicles. However, this is an untested use and would be considered an un-intended and non-recommended use by the RideSafer manufacturer and is not encouraged.
  • Children more than 60 pounds will require a dual tether and either a tether anchor and EATA Loop or two EATA Loops when using the vest with a lap-only seat belt.

To use the EATAL: wrap it around something that is anchored to the vehicle, like a seat mount, then the tether strap that comes with the RideSafer would attach to that. See how to use the EATAL.

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