RideSafer Size Chart

Which Size RideSafer is Right for Your Child?

Size Recommended Minimum Age Age Averages
Recommended Weight Range Waist (when seated) Average Height Torso Height (see below)
Extra Small* 2 years old 2 to 3 years 22lb-40lb 18"-22" 29"-40" 8"-10"
Small 3 years old 3 to 6 years 30lb-60lb 20"-28" 35"-48" 10"-14"
Large 4 years old 5 to 11 years 50lb-80lb 22"-34" 45"-57" 12"-17"
Extra Large
5 years old 9 to 14 years 80lb-110lb 24"-36" 55"-64" 14"-19"

If your child seems between sizes and you are using it with a lap-shoulder seat belt, look more at height.

*XS size notes: The XS is designed for use by slim 2-year-olds or very slim, smaller 3-year-old children. Most 3- and 4-year-olds (and some 2-year-olds) will fit best in a small size vest. Make sure to check your child's torso height and waist circumference measurements!

Torso height is measured from top of thigh to shoulder when seated as shown:

RideSafer measure torso height